As we get ready for winter weather to wrap up the week, two more upcoming storms will make it a winter trifecta over the next week.

And maybe I jinxed us earlier this week by saying it has been a pretty quiet winter! All joking aside, we knew we were do to get a run of winter weather and it looks like it is here.


Before we get to the weekend ahead and next week, let's get to the latest on the snow and wintry mix we will see across the Capital Region this Thursday and Friday.

The latest forecast from News Channel 13 is saying this storm will get started around Noon Thursday and will continue into Friday. Accumulations around Albany could be 1 to 3 inches, and areas to the north around Saratoga Springs will see more snow with 3 to 6 inches of accumulation and up to 8 inches further north.

And with this first storm, the winter fun is just beginning!

Two More Winter Storms For Upstate NY Over The Weekend And Next Week


Looking ahead to the weekend, the extended forecast from the Weather Channel is also calling for more winter weather Sunday into Monday with more possible snow accumulations up to 8 inches Upstate and a mix of rain and snow again for the Albany area. Then Wednesday into Thursday more snow will arrive will some decent accumulations possible for Albany and points north.

While none of these storms look to bring that huge wallop, over the course of the next week it looks like cumulatively we will see a fair amount of snow.

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