No matter how much I practice in the mirror, my interviewing skills don’t seem to be improving.

It was a beautiful night for a cruise down the Hudson River but things took a turn for the worse and got a little "Red Neck Crazy" during my run-in with country artist, Tyler Farr.

Since we were on a boat it seemed appropriate to give Farr his very own honorary captain’s hat. I thought it was a nice gesture but he didn’t seem too impressed.

Any interview with a musician can be described as sinking when the singer asks, “Do any of these questions pertain to music?” Luckily, Farr did not throw me overboard and we persevered through this trainwreck of an interview.

When I asked, “Would you rather work with Sam Hunt, Helen Hunt or Bonnie Hunt?” His answer was priceless.

It was a rough one but in the end Captain Farr didn’t make me walk the plank and he made it through his worst interview ever.


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