The good news is several New York regions should be able to reopen Friday, The bad news? The Capital Region is not among them.

I guess the good news we can take out of all of this is some Upstate New York regions are currently meeting the 7 requirements to reopen Friday, which hopefully means the Capital Region is not too far behind.

Accoring to a News 10 report, three of New York's ten economic regions are currently meeting the state guidelines to reopen:  the Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes and the Southern Tier. This means if all those guidelines remain in tact when New York Pause ends this Friday, these regions can start phase one of reopening which includes construction, manufacturing, agriculture, farming, fishing and retail (curbside pick-up only)according to the  News 10 report.

So where does the Capital Region stand? The Governor's Twitter says we currently meet 5 of the 7 requirements as outlined below. We still need to meet the 14 day decline requirements in hospitalizations and deaths from the virus.

So as they news does continue to improve statewide, you have to assume the Capital Region is not to far off from hitting this last two requirements. Bigger picture right now, with some regions reopening this week, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While life may not be getting completely back to normal in the future, we will take all the normal we can get when it comes to our 'new normal.' Things will surely be different in the future, but it will be nice to start resuming some of the activities we are used to,

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