There are many ridiculous laws on the books in the state of New York, but this one may be the most absurd.

Business Insider recently determined the most ridiculous law in each state, and well the one they chose for New York? It's pretty ridiculous. Apparently is its illegal in our great state to wear a mask or disguise in public. According to the article this one has been challenged for years, yet remains on the books. The one place this does not apply? If you are attending a party.

So, in some ways, on the surface, yes this seems ridiclous. It basically is saying Halloween is illegal. And all those mall Santa's dressing up like the big guy around Christmas? Illegal.

That said, I can imagine the spirit of this law when it was created years ago was for public safety reasons, and still applies today in robbery and similar crime situations where someone may disguise themselves when breaking the law. I bet these criminals don;t know they are also breaking the costume law!

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