The most popular alcohol concoction is also a favorite in in the Country music world.

If you asked me what the most popular mixed drink in the state of New York is, I would probably guess the Martini or a Long Island Iced Tea. And both guesses would be wrong

According to Thrillist, the most popular cocktail in the state of New York is the Moscow Mule. Which is pretty cool because the mule is a pretty popular drink in the Country world - it's Randy Houser's favorite.

So what is a Moscow Mule? It is a combo of ginger beer, vodka and lime juice and is typically served in a copper cup. And they are delightful. Yes, I said delightful. They are just that darn refreshing.

If you live in Massachusetts, your most popular cocktail is is Gin and Tonic, which is another of my favorites. Vermont? Funny enough, it the Manhattan!

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