In the past few weeks I have learned our house is like many when it comes to having a junk drawer. And it annoys the heck out of me.

I am by no means a neat freak. In fact, I have moments where my wife Stacy would consider me a slob. But, I do my best to keep things relatively neat and organized. Even though I am not a complete neat freak, there is nothing more annoying than the 'junk drawer.' Yes, the catch all for everything that does not have a home. Chances are you have one, and chances are it is just as useless as ours.

See, usually when something is in the junk drawer I know it is there. The problem is finding it. The digging around. The untangling of ear buds. Everything falling on the floor. By the time I finally find what I am looking for, their is a mess everywhere and I'm completely aggravated.

But alas, I know this is a battle I will not win. Stacy grew up with the junk drawer, and I know in her heart of hearts she is not ready to let it go. The funny thing is, she will probably get mad at me for posting this. No one can know we have this mess hiding in our home, yet we keep it around.

So I will do my best to find my stuff amidst a mass of a bunch of stuff I do not need. And maybe one day I will just throw it all in my junk box in the garage. ;)


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