One road stands above the rest as the worst to navigate in the Capital Region.

When I asked what Capital Region road was the worst on Facebook last week, the usual suspects came up: Central Avenue, 787, the Northway, Route 9, any road in (Insert town/city name here - lol). But one road stood above the rest as the one that came up the most from Capital Region drivers:

Hoosick Street

Hoosick Street in Troy! 

And I gotta say, I completely agree. There are roads that are no fun to navigate, but there are times during the week when Central Avenue and the Northway are not so bad. Hoosick Street is consistently a pain to drive on! Light after light. After light. After light. Congestion. Not enough lanes to get by folks turning. You know what I mean. It is terrible and just simply aggravating to drive on Hoosick Street. Getting from Troy to Brunswick or vice versa simply takes forever, any time of day, any day of the week.

Hoosick Street is hereby officially the worst road in the Capital Region!

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