The Northeast is a great place to live if you love the winter. Great mountains for skiing or snowboarding, hiking trails, and plenty of natural beauty in every direction. One of the underappreciated parts of the Capital Region is just how centrally located we are to all of that. Want to head down to New York City or Boston? Hop on the highway and you'll be there before you know it. More interested in the mountains than skyscrapers? You're practically there already.

So we want to know - what's the best way to spend a day or two on a day trip or mini-vacation from the Capital Region? Would you want to head to one of the major metropolises in the region or do you want to find a quiet ski lodge? Maybe you've got access to a cabin up in the mountains and just want to get away from everything for a few days? Don't like any of our options? Choose other and then let us know your preference on Facebook.


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