GNA Nation has voted, and one Christmas movie stands above the rest.

And it was no contest. In our recent poll, WGNA listeners voted Christmas Vacation the greatest Christmas movie ever. I gotta say, I 100% agree.

Just think of all the quotes we recite every Christmas from this movie.

  • It's not going in our backyard Russ, it's going in our living room.
  • Clark, that there is an RV.
  • Save the neck for me, Clark.

I could quote this movie all day long. This one got voted the best obviously because of the humor, but also because I think we can all relate to this one. No matter how hard we try, the holidays could turn into a mess so quickly. We have all been there! You just need to sit back and enjoy them no matter what happened.

So how did the voting end up? Christmas Vacation took hom 41% of the votes, and the Santa Clause landed at #2 with 22%. Elf was #3 with 205 of the votes.

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