Every now and then, a professional athlete will get in trouble with the law.

It happens to everyone, but because of a pro athlete's social status, if they get arrested, every news publication in the area will be talking about it. It's an unfortunate byproduct of being famous, but one that athletes have had to combat for decades.

Upstate New York's football team, the Buffalo Bills, have had players that have dealt with this very same fate.

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The website NFLArrest.com tracks every player who's been arrested from the year 2000 through present-day. Every player is categorized by the team they played for at the time of their arrest, meaning that you can see every Buffalo Bill who's been arrested while on the roster since the year 2000.

The Bills have seen it all: both star players and depth players have run into issues with the law over the years. The charges have also ranged in severity, from DUIs and misdemeanors to attempted murders. Some of the stories are truly mind-blowing.

More importantly, however, are the stories of how these athletes have turned it around and grown from these incidents. Countless times, while researching these athletes and what occurred, you see them bounce back, have strong careers, and be model citizens off the field.

With that being said, here are ten wild stories of Buffalo Bills' players, past and present, who ran into trouble with the law, and the reasons for their arrests. Which stories surprise you the most?

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