Here is another unique airbnb rental that's a short drive from the Capital Region to add to your summer getaway bucket list.

Over the year we have clued you in on some pretty sweet airbnb rentals in the Capital Region. From treehouses to hobbit houses to tiny houses, there are some truly unique experiences where you can reconnect with nature. Our latest find is another one to add to that list!

See The 'Enchanted Tiny Tower' In Lee

When you were a kid, you probably dreamed of cool getaways like this in the woods. It is kind of like a fort on steroids! This charming two-story tower complete with a kitchenette, bathroom, and plenty of nature's wonders at your doorstep is the kind of place you can make those getaway dreams come true. Check out the photos below of the 'Enchanted Tiny Tower' in the Berkshires!

Take A Tour Of The Enchanted Berkshires Airbnb Tower House Getaway

There is no shortage of unique Airbnb rentals that would make for a special weekend getaway here in the Capital Region and surrounding areas and the "Enchanted Tiny Tower" House on Airbnb fills the bill. Nestled on the 4 acre Santarella Estate in Lee, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, you can live the gnome life in this adorable tower house among the trees, a babbling brooks and so much more. From the charming exterior to the canopied bed to the outdoor firepit and lilly pond, this tiny tower getaway that sleeps two has 'enchanted' written all over it. This one will set you back $298 per night, but based on the 4.94/5 star rating, it will be money well spent! Check out the photos below:

Live Like A Lord Of The Rings Hobbit In This Lake George Airbnb

This Lake George Airbnb rental 'Earth Dwelling' is literally nestled into the landscape. A weekend stay at the self-proclaimed 'Hobbit Hole' will have you feeling like you are living in one of Tolkien's classic novels or a Lord of the Rings Movie.

Pownal, VT Airbnb Rental Straight Out Of Flintstones

I know you are familiar with the legendary cartoon the Flintstones, and I think we are both sure there was no landscape like Vermont ever pictured in the show. That said, I could certainly picture Fred and Wilma enjoying some maple syrup and pancakes inside this Flintstones-style airbnb just outside of Bennington in Pownal, Vermont.

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