New York State Fair

No Fair! NY State Fair Will Be Cut Short Next Year
The New York State Fair was held for eighteen days this year and it proved to be too long. Attendance was down over five hundred thousand from 2019 to 2021. Even though COVID had a lot to do with the low numbers, the New York State Fair will be shorter in 2022.
Going to the NYS Fair?-What to Know Before You go
The Great New York State Fair begins today (August 20th) in Syracuse and there are a few things you should know before you go. It is eighteen days filled with food, fun, entertainment, rides, animals, live music, and attractions. Last year the fair was canceled due to COVID but this year they are pl…
Reserve Your NY State Fair Campsite Now
The Great New York State Fair is back this year so that means that you can now reserve your campsite for the fair. Reservations are now being accepted for the full-service campground at the Empire RV Park. This is a three hundred and three space campground right on the New York State Fairgrounds nex…
Indulge in Your Favorite NY State Fair Foods Today and Tomorrow
There hasn't been a lot of guidance on whether or not the state and county fairs will be happening this year but I know my fingers are crossed. Last year, most if not all, fairs were canceled or drive-thru only. If you've been jonesing for that delicious, greasy, and deep-fried New York St…
Craziest Fair Food: Can You Top This List?
We are in the middle of fair season, with The Great New York State Fair starting on Wednesday. Fairs are fun because of the games, the livestock, but let's be real, we all want to try the strange fair food!
9 To Watch
The New York State Fair is underway in Syracuse and if you don't mind driving for a couple hours to get there, you can enjoy a solid lineup of country artists. Here's the schedule for who's gonna be where and don't forget to grab us a funnel cake while you're there.