Teens Post Snapchat Vid Putting A Baby In Fridge
Finish this sentence: "If this ever happened to my child I would________"  Well let's hope and pray that it never does happen because the fate of these two teens probably wouldn't be very pleasant. The teens, seen laughing in the video, put the crying baby in the fri…
Which Town is the Poorest In New York? How About Massachusetts?
I've heard plenty of people complain about New York state. The term "Smallbany" has been thrown around quite a bit, but ya know what? I'm a fan. I love where we live and I think a lot of the time it gets a bad rap from our townies who just like to complain.
I say all of that because there a…
Is Pittsfield A Good Place For Syrian Refugees?
There are not many issues in America that are more debated than immigration, especially when we are talking about foreign refugees. Some people are all about building the highest walls we can and closing our borders to those who would want to build a new a new life here in America. Some people belie…
I Went Somewhere for the First Time This Weekend [VIDEO]
Close to home and right on the way to Boston. I've passed it a million times before and always said, "I need to go there!"
It took my family asking me what I wanted to do as a belated birthday experience, that's when it hit me.
The only thing I could think to do: The Basket…
Give a Goat a Home ...Seriously.
I'm honestly surprised none of my friends have sent me this story yet. I'm the one that's known for loving animals more than people. I mean, I have a cat, dog and a bunny already. If I could have more