Upstate Police Hilariously Attempt To End Winter(PIC)
If we don't get that much needed 65 or 70 degree day around here really soon, I hope the Albany, Schenectady or Troy Police take note of what these boys in blue did!  This is one humorous (and hopefully effective) way to deal with the cold weather that has been loitering in New York State for way to…
Another Snow Storm To Hit Wednesday
Well last week the groundhog saw his shadow which means we can expect six more weeks of winter. It seems that there is a storm already brewing. We could see significant amounts of snow before it's all over.
Why The Troy Groundhog Killers Should Not Be Fired
There is a story circulating that a witness saw two men in a golf cart run down and then run over a groundhog at the Rensselaer Police Department Union's golf tournament in Frear Park this past Friday. While it has not been confirmed that these two men were actually police officers, there have …