New Dolls Honor Front Line Heroes
The votes are in and kids across the country have nominated front line heroes that are now available in the new American Girl Doll Heroes collection. There are five new dolls and here are the ones receiving a custom-made American Girl doll.
American Girl Doll Heroes Collection
The American Girl doll company is following suit with Fisher-Price and Mattel in creating front line hero dolls and action figures to benefit different hero organizations. The American Girl doll is offering accessories to dress up your doll to make them into a hero.
Human Dolls! A New Trend With Young Women
I usually like to have some sort of witty take on the things I write about but this time I got nothin'. There is a very strange new trend going on that I can only hope will not catch on worldwide. Young women using make up, clothes, a blank stare and yes, sometimes lots of plastic surgery to lo…