Christmas Angel Spotted in Glenmont Walmart
One of my favorite things during the holiday season are the amazing stories of good samaritans and this year is no different. Apparently, there's an angel frequenting the Glenmont Walmart.
Wreaths Across America and My New Yearly Tradition [PHOTOS]
Though I've never served, the military hold a special place in my heart. They do so much for me, I try to find what I can do to support them. I recently found the organization Wreaths Across America and now, I never see a future Christmas without them.
GNA Puts Country Star On Emoji Hot Seat
Rodney Atkins may be a little old school when it comes to his country music and his values, but we wanted to know if his emoji game was on point.  We put him to the test with a series of emoji's that translated into popular Christmas songs to see just how well the country star would do on …
Undecided About Real Or Fake Tree? Listen To This (Audio)
We recently discussed the pros and cons of real tree versus fake tree.  While I personally loved having a real tree in my house, you can't beat the ease and convenience of their fake counterparts, and that's what I use now. Overall, I feel like it's probably a 50/50 split in terms of what people's p…

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