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Heinz Giving $1 Million to Local Diners
Diners have always been a part of our lives and there are so many here in the Capital Region. We all know that there is a staple that is on every table in every diner. It's Heinz ketchup and now they want to give back. Here's how you can help too.
How One Bite Changed Paesan's Pizza Man For Life
At around 6pm on Friday, life changed for Frank Scavio part owner of the locally owned and family operated Paesan's Pizza of the Capital Region.  That's when, like many others, I was thrilled to see Paesan's get national love and tons of local attention when one of their frozen pizza's was reviewed …
Coronavirus Making Gas Prices Plummet?
It seems that the only thing anyone is talking about is the Coronavirus. There are many negative conversations swirling around the outbreak. Now there may be a silver lining in the decline of gas prices.

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