Bacon Is Overrated-There I Said It
I know I am going to get a lot of backlash for saying that bacon is one of the most overrated foods, but I really believe it. I don't understand how people can put it on and in everything to "enhance" the food. Some foods just don't need bacon to make it better.
7 Sexy Things Guys Do Without Realizing It
Boys, I'll be you didn't even know that things that you do everyday are actually kinda sexy.
Who knew that simply making good eye contact with a chick could turn her on!
Here are seven everyday things I'll be you didn't even realize were sexy -
-Rolling up your sleeves
-Scratching your beard
-Deep leanin…
Netflix and Chill is the New Dating [Watch]
You're poor, you're tired, and you don't wanna put on spanx.  So if he asks you to come over to Netflix and chill, you're all in!
It'll be relaxing, fun, flirty, and you might even see a little action!  Right?  Well, not so fast!  This new form of dating i…
Guys & Liquid Eyeliner
I have decided that you really have to be a sport if you are a guy (or girl) working for BuzzFeed because they ask them to do some crazy embarrassing things!
Ladies, we know that liquid eyeliner is something that takes a long time to master...
What is Cupping? [Watch]
Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine where cups are placed upside down on the skin in order to create suction.  It is believed to promote blood flow and promote healing.
Cupping is thousands of years old, but has recently been making news because several celebrities are trying it...

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