Track Your Kid's School Bus
Soon the kids will be going back to school and you will worry when they get on and off the bus. Now there is an app so you can track where they are when they are on the bus to and from school.
Kids Will Be Safer On the School Bus
It always surprised me that school buses only had lap seat belts or some, none at all. Well it may be mandatory soon to have safer measures on school buses including better seat belts.
High School Board Member Moves to Enforce Dress Code for Parents
At a Florida high school, administrators are having trouble with saggy pants, hair in curlers, sweat pants, flip flops, and other sloppy clothing choices.  But, it's not the kids that are dressing so poorly, it's the parents.
And, now a board member from the Lauderdale Lake high school…
Fill the Bus for Catholic Charities this Christmas
The holiday season brings out the best in people, and here's a perfect example!  This morning I noticed on 'GNA's Facebook page there was a message from one of our listeners about a great gift drive happening in the Capital Region!
The Folmbsee's Transportation employees have been making Christmas dr…