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GNA's This Is 'Empire Country' Song
We're all pumped up for the Arena Bowl Sunday night and pretty darn sure our Empire are gonna crush the Philadelphia Soul.  Here's the parody song you may have heard on the show with Brian and Chrissy this week on GNA!
To The Listener Who Told Us "Keep Your Crap (about mass killings)
A listener named Tyson left this message for us on Facebook Tuesday morning, presumably after hearing portions of our show on Monday after a weekend filled with more heartbreaking tragedy and mass killings in El Paso and Dayton:
"Maybe Brian and Chrissy could keep their gun control crap and poli…
Reggie in Altamont think he's a lot better looking than he really is.  At least that's what the Love Cowboy thinks, and he quickly puts Reggie in his place during Friday mornings relationship advice segment!
16-Year-Old Becomes Millionaire Playing Fortnite
Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf  won 3 million dollars by taking home first place in the 'Fortnite World Cup' in NYC last Sunday. Kyle is 16-years-old and his life is basically set after dominating a game that many parents (and perhaps siblings) think of as a nuisance.  The truth is, it doesn't matter what i…
Brian and Chrissy Dusted By 12-Yr-Old Racing Phenom (Video)
Derrick McGrew Jr. is a 12-year-old kid from Ballston Spa and for the most part, he does what normal everyday kids do.  He eats ice cream, he plays video games, and watches the NBA.  Most kids his age are curious enough about driving to dabble in some go-karts or even brave enough to sit b…
Love Cowboy decided to break format on Wednesday morning when he decided the only relationship advice worth giving, was a review of the wild Bachelorette Finale.  Spoiler Alert: He had plenty to say about Hannah, Jed, and windmills! Hold onto your hats, this was a pretty wild ride.
This week, Brian's mom (Mama Codes) left a message on his cell phone to tell him about a situation that occurred when his father (enter Papa Codes) left a costumer in the barber chair to run after some money he saw laying on the ground outside.
PEACE OUT: Organizers Pull Plug On Woodstock 50
Woodstock 50: My what a longggg strange trip it's been! What started as a peaceful journey through Bethel Woods, turned a little bit trippy at Watkins Glen, then became a full-blown headache/hangover by the time organizers decided on doing a free show in Maryland.
Scotty McCreery Surprises Local Couple On Wedding Day (VIDEO)
Bryttni Walter from Rotterdam told friends that she knew Scotty McCreey's 'This is It' was going to be her wedding song when she first heard in on the radio back in 2018.  What she didn't know, was that on that her special day, she and her new husband Brendan Doak would get …
GNA's Emotional Call To Remarkable July Hometown Hero
Chrissy and I have had the pleasure of contacting our GNA Hometown Heroes each month for nearly three years. We have never had a phone call quite like this.  Frank Lockwood from Coxsackie is a man of true character and integrity.  He's a priest, addictions counselor, volunteer firefighter, and to to…
Beasts Of Burden: 75 Escaped Bison Roam Schoharie County
A herd of 75 bison that escaped a farm in Sharon, NY are roaming throughout rural upstate and wreaking havoc on farms.  The herd escaped last Thursday and folks in pockets of areas in Schoharie County have reported sightings of groups of the large, powerful and at times unpredictable animals. Those …

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