Because snuggling baby goats makes everything better.

I think the best quote from the Mariaville Goat Farm's website is "We promote happiness." What could make you happier than snuggling an adorable baby goat? Even the most hardened soul has to have a soft spot for these little guys!

At Mariaville Goat Farm, located about 45 minutes outside of Albany in Pattersonville, you can literally book your own hour-long session to cuddle baby goats to your heart's delight. You can even take a group of them for your own goat stroll on Mariaville's trails. If you want to take your relaxation one step further, take on a goat yoga session. The farm also offers yurts that are furnished and heated, plus some pretty cool-looking treehouses if you want to make an overnight stay out of it. They even have an on-site farmstand to complete the whole experience of reconnecting with nature.

I don't know what it is specifically about baby goats. Spending time with them in whatever manner has certainly become a little bit of a phenomenon over the last few years. But then you see the photos of them, and something just clicks where ya think hanging with them could be the cutest thing ever. As a dad too, this looks like one of those activities our kids would go nuts over.

Mariaville can accommodate a solo visit, a group outing, and they even host parties. You can see the baby goats for yourself and book your overnight stay here.

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