They are known for their ice cream, and now Stewart's is selling another ice cold, tasty treat.

That's right - Stewart's now has their own craft beer. It was bound to happen eventually, right? According to NYUP, the convenience chain is now selling their 'High Cliff' India pale ale for $8.99 a sixer. It is being brewed by Shmaltz Brewing in Clifton Park. And this really should not be a huge surprise as Stewart's already had a few traditional lager beers of their own with Mountain Brew Ice and Mountain Brew light.

First, ya gotta love this is being brewed by Shmaltz. They brew some great beers and know their stuff, so you have to assume this is a quality brew. You also gotta love how Stewart's is keeping it local and utilizing a New York brewery to produce High Cliff. There are a million places they could have had this brewed, and they chose a great local brewery. Finally, they are actually using a craft brewery to make this -  so it;s a legit craft beer. Who knows how many 'craft beers' out there don't really live up to the name.

So I am on vacation next week - looks like I am going to have to try me some High Cliff from Stewart's!

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