Looking for a place to spend your next vacation? Want to involve snuggling with a sloth? This is where you need to book it!

Sister resorts Nayara Springs and Nayara Resort are not just great places to spend your vacation but also are home to 15 adorable sloths, according to Unilad.

These resorts are a way for people to get away and really feel like they're a part of nature. The 15 acres of gardens in these Costa Rica resorts are five-star establishments and only around $390 per night.

Nayara Springs originally opened in 2017 with just a few sloths but with each year and growing popularity, they've added more. Guests can look up in the trees while wandering through the resorts to learn "how to relax from those who do it best." No worries if you don't see any on your own, they also offer complimentary walking tours on the property.

If you haven't booked your next vacation and are looking to get out of this wintery chill, grab tickets to Costa Rica and snuggle with some sloths.

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