This is one I didn't fall for, but I can see someone easily becoming a victim.  Have you ever gotten this phone call? I actually looked this up to see if I was the only person who've gotten this phone call while I'm trying to eat dinner, but I guess I'm not alone.

Here's how it works.  You get this guy (and you can tell he's not from these parts, let's put it that way).  He tells you that you have to run to your computer, because this "Microsoft technician" has found somehow that you have a virus and for a price, he will get rid of it.  You have to log in and tell the guy your password so he can get in.  Then he takes over your machine and installs something that locks it up until you pay a "ransom" to get your machine back.

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I caught him though.  I told him that I don't even own a PC (which was a fabrication, but he hung up shortly after).  I do use my Mac more, but  you are not immune there either  Don't kid yourselves. He just played the odds and figured that I had a PC.   If you do own a Steve Jobs machine,  Don't EVER log onto, or  That's what they want you to click on, and then you are toast.

No legitimate computer company will call you or send personal emails about an infection on your computer. 

For more information, you can check out this AARP article (yes, they prey on older people too, but we all are targets)




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