Retirement: we dream about it everyday.

That said, for some people, it actually gets to become a reality at some point in their life. They've made enough money, secured enough assets, and feel confident enough in their ability to provide for themselves in their older age, that they finally decide to call it quits.

Oftentimes, with retirement, comes change. Recent retirees will move houses, move towns or even more states when beginning the next stage of their life.

If you're planning on moving to, or moving within, the state of New York, these counties will set you up for success better than most.

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The website Stacker compiles data on a number of lifestyle topics, and creates lists and rankings based on this data. This time around, Stacker took data from the website Niche, and ranked the best counties to retire to in New York.

Within that list, six Capital Region counties were included in the top 15 in the state.

In order to create these rankings, Stacker used the grade that Niche gave each county on being "good for retirees". In addition to that grade, however, Stacker took into account certain criteria such as weather, cost of living and outdoor activites/things to do in the area. They also included a few notable cities and towns that might be best for those moving on to the next stage of their life.

We took the information provided by Stacker, and listed the top 15 counties in New York state to retire to, as well as the grades given to each by Stacker and Niche. Within those 15, you'll find the six Capital Region counties deemed best for retirees.

Which county's ranking surprised you the most?

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