We have a bit of a dilemma on our hands in our household. We have a ten-year-old and we are concerned about getting him the COVID-19 vaccine. There are a bunch of questions we have to consider. I think many moms of young kids in the Capital Region may be having the same tug-of-war with what to do.

We All Want The Best For Our Kids

Jenn and I want what's best for our son, Ryan. I know all parents want what's best for their children. But when it comes to the vaccine, we have a lot of questions. Full disclosure, Jenn and I both had COVID and are fully vaccinated. However, when we had COVID (for about a month last December), we did everything we could to keep Ryan from getting it. He's immunocompromised and we had to be extra cautious. Fortunately, he didn't get it.

Worried About Side Effects or Reaction

Having said that, we are leaning toward him to get the vaccine but we worry he may have a reaction. He has terrible reactions anytime he gets a vaccine. It lasts a couple of days and then he's okay. But what do we know about this one?

Then the questions arise, Why are we vaccinating him? Are we doing it for him? Or are we doing it for others? Or- are we doing it because we are told we should? All valid but not sure of the correct answer.

What's Worse?

We have also discussed what would be worse. Do we run the risk of him getting COVID and potentially spreading it to others who can be vulnerable? Or do we know enough about the vaccine that we feel safe giving it to him? We have spoken to his pediatrician and we are paying attention to her recommendations as well.

I guess the what-ifs are the worst when it comes to Ryan getting the vaccine. What if we wait and something happens to him? What if we have him vaccinated and something happens to him?

We also know that we aren't alone with all of these questions. But as parents, I think most of us are feeling a lot of pressure to do the right thing. I just wish we knew that the right thing is.

It looks as if the COVID-19 vaccine will be available for kids ages 5-11 starting Monday, November 8th.

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