With the weather getting warmer in the Capital District, it is time to get back to those places we forgot about once the temperatures dropped.

Here's our list of some great spring hangouts to soak up that sunny weather.

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    Lark Street

    Lark Street is a more trendy alternative to going to the mall and allows people to enjoy the weather outside as they stroll from store to store. Lark Street has a little bit of everything from tattoo shops to restaurants. It offers something different to those looking to enjoy a leisurely afternoon outside while shopping.

  • Matt Cardy, Getty Images.
    Matt Cardy, Getty Images.

    Albany Pine Bush Preserve

    The  Albany Pine Bush Preserve offers something to do for just about everyone that likes the outdoors. The trails at the Preserve are well-maintained and offer something different than just walking through Albany or in a park. After walking one of the many trails (over 18 miles worth), visitors can check out the Discovery Center that offers hands-on activities year-round.

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    New York State Capitol/Empire Plaza

    Living around Albany makes most people immune to the fact that we live in an area full of rich history and architecture. Heading downtown now that the temps are up is the perfect reason to explore and take it all in. While exploring, also check out The Egg!

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    Dan Kitwood, Getty Images.

    Washington Park

    One of the more popular warm weather hangouts, Washington Park, does have a lot to offer. In May visitors can check out Tulip Fest but until then there is still the option to go for a walk, have a picnic, or enjoy the swings (age depending).

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    Kurver Kreme/ Seasonal Eating

    I am all about food, especially when it is seasonal, so it should come as no surprise that Kurver Kreme came in first place. Kurver Kreme serves up delicious soft serve ice cream and they can make some mean sundaes. Since they are only open March-September I definitely recommend getting a cone as soon as possible and continue on through the summer! Also check out if one of your favorite eating places offers outside eating. Even though the food is still the same there is something about eating outside that makes the whole experience different- just hope for a quiet street and no bugs.

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