With football season starting tonight, I began thinking about all the food we prepare especially for “football Sundays.”As you know, football Sundays are like holidays in my house. We like to get the food planned and prepped before the 1 p.m. games so we are set for the day and we can just enjoy the games.

Being the great guy that I am, I thought I would share with you my simple and crowd-pleasing “Top-5 Sunday Football Foods!”

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5. Pulled Pork – YUM! I like pulled pork for a couple of reasons. One – you can eat it as a sandwich or just by itself. Two – it’s a crockpot meal so it cooks all day and is always heated up! Andrea makes amazing pulled pork! She said I could share her secret recipe with you! She boils the pork on the stove for 3-4 hours (so start it by 9 a.m. on game days) Transfer the pork to the crockpot and add Jack Daniels #7 BBQ sauce and let it cook! The pork will fall apart as you stir it! (I always thought there was so much more to that, huh!) BAM - Ready for game day!

4. Ribs – Who doesn’t love ribs? Something about messy food and football! Again, these are so good and so easy to make. Another “secret” recipe I got permission to give to you!  Take plain ribs, season them with any kind of dry rub (she says she uses all kinds), and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour, then 200 degrees for 2 hours. Heat BBQ sauce to a warm temperature in a large pan on the stove. Cut the ribs and place them in the BBQ sauce and serve! SO easy! Enjoy all day!

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3. Pizza – This is a no brainer. It’s greasy and easy to make or order! It’s like football and pizza go hand and hand, right? I think we do pizza more than any other food during the season.

2. Chili – There are those snowy or rainy Sundays where I just want a little chili. It warms you right up, you know? Again, it’s a crockpot thing so it’s easy and ready to eat all day! A bowl here, a bowl there…and don’t forget the Italian bread to go with it!

1. WINGS - Although I could eat wings any day of the week, I NEED to have them every Sunday when I watch football! I can grab one, walk around eating it or I can sit down with a dozen or 2…I mean….I totally share! My favorite are the buffalo garlic parm wings. If you have not had them, I suggest you stop reading this and order them right now!

There you have it, my top-5 football foods plus some recipes! Now, go enjoy your football Sunday! GO EAGLES!