The Saratoga County Fair has given an update on the status of holding the fair this coming summer.

As we head into a summer that will certainly be more active than last year, there is still some uncertainty ahead when it comes to some of the larger events in the area. That includes the Saratoga County Fair.

On Monday fair officials gave an update on the status of the event for this coming summer, and while they did not say the event is canceled, exactly what the fair could look like this year is still up in the air. Tammy Ballastero, the President of the Fair and the Saratoga Country Agricultural Society, posted a statement to Facebook yesterday and said "Given the uncertainty of the vaccine rollout and the future of both state and local regulations, it is difficult for the fair to commit to specific details of programs for summer 2021." Ballastero went on to say it is the fair's "intention to hold an event;" we will just have to wait and see exactly what that event will look like.

At this point, I would say no news is good news when it comes to the Saratoga County Fair. Even as things begin to open up this summer, a lot of these local events have to figure out how to navigate the regulations the fair mentioned in their statement, and honestly and wait and see approach could lead to a better, well-executed event. Me personally, I want to stuff my face with fair food this summer and move on from pumping sanitizer to pumping ketchup on a dog food bowl full of greasy fair fries. Let's hope we get there soon!

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