The Netflix hit show "Stranger Things" just announced that they have wrapped up the filming of the fourth season. Officially there isn't a release date yet, but we know that Stranger Things Season 4 will drop in 2022.

Netflix did release a new trailer promoting the new upcoming season.

Did you know that the original name of "Stranger Things" was Montauk? It was named for the secretive Air Force Base, Camp Hero, at Montauk Long Island. According to local legend, the base was the site of all kinds of experiments including time travel, telekinesis, teleportation, and mind-control. Some of those experiments were rumored to have been done on kids....just like 11 in "Stanger Things".

Check out some of the other weird parallels between the fictional "Stanger Things" and the very real Camp Hero in Montauk.

Secret Air Force Base In Montauk Was The Inspiration For The Netflix Show 'Stranger Things'

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