Ronnie Dunn is apparently a little bit fed up with both of America’s major political parties, and he’s not afraid to say so. In a Facebook post last week, the ‘Cost of Livin” singer said he wouldn’t be appearing at the Republican National Convention and has yet to decide about the Democratic National Convention, proposing an alternate means of helping America’s unemployed.

“I’m getting calls and emails asking if I’m playing the Republican Convention. I was invited. I told them to play Cost Of Livin’ and have unemployed people, from all walks of life walk on stage and just stand in front of a big American flag. Nooooo response,” Dunn shared on Friday. “Hey Democrats, call me….same pitch.”

He continued, “Self promotion….nah, I’ll donate every penny I get from the song to the jobless. It may be a weak attempt on my part but at least it’s an attempt and I don’t have to wait on an ineffective, ‘grid locked’ Congress to approve it. My name is Ronnie Dunn and I approve this message.”

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