On Sunday, there was a raffle to win an AR-15 rifle during a service at a local church.

An AR-15
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the story from News 10 ABC, the raffle took place at the Grace Baptist Church in Troy. But that’s not then end of the story. The Reverend John Koletas is going to have another gun give away tonight at 7:00 p.m..

Sunday’s winner was a man from Schenectady, who will have to pick up the gun at the Oakwood Trading Post in Troy, after he’s had a background check.

One assemblyman, who spoke at Sunday’s service, was Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin. He mentioned how it’s unusual to give away a gun at a church service, but it’s not illegal and feels that the New York State SAFE Act is eating away at our second amendment (the right to keep and bear arms). Reverend Koletas is showing that he supports gun owners and hunters with the give aways.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, in order to comply with the rules and guidelines of The SAFE Act, the rifle was modified. How do you feel about these gun give aways? Please take our poll.

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