A horse rescued from neglect is the newest member of Albany PD. The horse's name is Ace, and he's the latest addition to Albany's mounted police division, as reported by the Times Union's Emily Masters earlier this week.

After his old owner couldn't take care of him any longer, he was rescued by a Massachusetts-based group and ultimately turned over to Albany police, where he is being trained to become a police horse. It's no small task to become a police horse, but he seems up to the challenge.

Animal rescue stories always put a little bit of a lump in my throat. It's always sad when an animal is neglected, whether its due to economic hardship that means their owner simply can't afford to take care of them anymore or even worse, when someone is deliberately abusive. This case appears to be the former. I'm happy Ace is going to get a second chance when his first one was almost cut short due to no fault of his own.

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