We know what the Polar Vortex has in store for us this weekend, but it looks like it could be one for the record books.

It's no big shock to you or me that it has been super cold in Albany the last few weeks, Hey, it's Upstate New York, it happens. But, record setting cold has been become pretty rare over the last few years. After this weekend, the record books may need some adjusting.

According to NYUP.com the record low temperature for Albany for January 7 is -12 degrees. That occurred a long time ago - 1878! And it just so happens -12 is our forecasted low temperature for the overnight Sunday. In fact, NYUP says several Upstate New York cities could set records on Sunday.

Believe it or not, as cold as the low will be Sunday, -12 is nowhere near the all time record low temperature for Albany. That record is -28 and occurred January 19, 1971, according to the National Weather Service!

So be prepared this weekend for the coldest January 7th in almost 140 years! And when you feel like complaining, just remind your self it could be worse. Like -28!!

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