Local and state law authorities are planning to be extra mindful of impaired drivers this Thanksgiving weekend.

That means more patrols out on our local roadways in the Capital Region this weekend, according to a CBS 6 report.  Throughout the state local police and New York State Police will be ramping up their presence to deter impaired driving with their STOP-DWI Thanksgiving Enforcement Effort.. The CBS 6 report says the increased police visibility "...can reduce fatalities from impaired driving by as much as 20 percent."

The damage from DWI is not just limited to fatalities as well. If someone is lucky enough to drive while impaired and do it without hurting anyone else, the cost is still high when they get caught, According to the STOP-DWI website, fines for drunk driving can go as high as $10,000. Imagine how foolish someone getting DWI a fine for thousands must feel when they could have Ubered home for just a few bucks. Downright foolish!

So if you are hitting the road this weekend, you can feel a little safer thanks to our men and women in blue. Ya gotta appreciate the fact while we are enjoying the holiday, they are doing their best to keep us safe. Also, take this as a warning to even though they are looking for impaired drivers, you may want to leave the lead foot at home if ya know what I mean! You wouldn't;t want to show up at your Thanksgiving destination feeling like a Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe out there!

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