There's a new darkness found on Parmalee's "Sunday Morning." The single is a love song that speaks of that easy, calming love so many crave, yet singer Matt Thomas leans into the storm before the calm like never before.

It could simply be a matter of production. Heavy chords and stark percussion open the song, mimicking the mood of his first verse. Soon the mid-tempo track becomes a more recognizable Parmalee song, but that sense of lonely never disappears, even after Thomas is enjoying "Sunday Morning" after a white-hot Saturday night.

This new style is moodier than most of what Parmalee has released to radio thus far, and for this reason it stands a better chance of cutting through. "Sunday Morning" has an edge previously missing, but they don't carve up universal emotion in the name of keeping it.

Did You Know?: Parmalee are also excited about a rocker called "Hot-Damn-Alama" on their upcoming album. Singer Matt Thomas says it's more of an ode to their debut single "Musta Had a Good Time."

Listen to Parmalee, "Sunday Morning" 

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Parmalee's "Sunday Morning" Lyrics:

City lights blurring lines, feels like the world’s on fire / Chasing minutes in the back of this cab, counting every single mile / I ain’t thinking ‘bout tomorrow, I ain’t thinking ‘bout days gone by / I’m just thinking ‘bout, getting to wherever you are tonight.

Cause when I get lonely, you don’t have to get on my mind / Cause you’re already on it / And you touch me just i time / Making it all feel alright, slowing it all down just right / When I’m lost on a Saturday night, baby you save me just like Sunday morning.

I feel the sun on my face coming through trying to wake us up / With your arms around me I ain’t thinking about what it is, or what it was / I just feel the peace all around like there’s barely a sound, out on the street / Like a church choir, hallelujah, raining down on me.

Oh, ain’t nothing like the way you bring the crazy down / Oh, girl you got me feeling dizzy right now.

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