New York, along with other states, has developed a new smartphone app to alert users on possible COVID-19 exposure

According to a press release from Governor Cuomo's office, a new app is now available for download that will alert users when they have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus. This is a regional app as well, so it also covers any potential exposures in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The app works utilizing "Google and Apple Bluetooth technology" to track user's movements. The press release says the app tracks "...potential COVID-19 exposure while maintaining user privacy and security."

Privacy and security are obviously the biggest concerns when using an app like this as it will be tracking movements. That said, if security is a concern for you and you consider your movements low risk as far as exposure to the coronavirus, you will probably just want to avoid this app. But, if COVID exposure is something you are concerned about this app could be a worthy download to keep you in the know. Especially if you consider yourself in a high-risk group for the virus. Knowledge is a powerful thing when it comes to protecting you and your health.

You can download the COVID notification app here.

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