If you have taken advantage of the extension on some motor vehicle documents, the time is now to renew them.

Is your vehicle registration or inspection overdue? Now is the time to get it rectified as the New York Department of Motor Vehicle's (DMV) amnesty on having to renew documents ends tomorrow (Tues. November 3rd), according to a CBS 6 story.

Basically, because of the pandemic, the DMV made it ok to let certain items like your car's registration lapse. CBS 6 says the DMV is encouraging drivers to register their docs now online. If they do not, those with expired documents will be driving illegally.

As inconvenient as it may be to get all your documents up to speed by this deadline tomorrow, I think this is another great sign that while we are still fighting off this pandemic, each day a little more normalcy comes back to our lives. A lot of concessions were made to help the general public get through the pandemic, and the more we see those concessions disappear it is more reassurance of "Hey, we got this."

It may take a while before we start living our lives in what we view as a "normal" sense. But, it's the little things like this that help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. And hey, if you get a ticket for not having your documents up to date, what would feel more normal than the aggravation of getting a ticket?

You can visit the NY DMV online here to get on getting those docs up to speed and current!

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