While the coronavirus infection rate remains low in most of the state, certain areas that have seen spikes will see new restrictions.

The good news is a new coronavirus response plan won't be affecting us here in the Capital Region. The news is not so great for some areas where infection rates have bee spiking.

According to a New York Upstate (NYUP) story, Governor Cuomo announced a plan today to "close the valve" so to speak in some areas by re-implementing some business and school closures, as well as other coronavirus restrictions. The plan will take a tiered approach in areas where the virus infection rate has shot back up. There will be 3 levels of restrictions, with the highest being classified as the "red" group where only essential businesses would remain open and no gatherings would not be permitted.  As of now, NYUP says parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Binghamton and Rockland and Orange Counties would be affected by various levels of the restrictions.

This has to be super frustrating for businesses that may end up closing again. That said, at least the state is approaching this by region and not with a one size fits all approach like the shutdown we dealt with last Spring.  Where the virus infection rate remains low it should be business as usual to keep as many people as possible working and moving forward during this pandemic. Let's keep our fingers crossed these infection pops are only minor setbacks here in New York.

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