We have in recent weeks been reading reports of many stores leaving Crossgates Mall, it seems like one of the restaurants is about to bite the dust too.

This one I maybe can attribute a little bit to Lucky Strike Social being just downstairs. The restaurant that is currently "Temporarily Closed" is Rascals. I personally have never been but see that they have a pretty notable 2 star review by someone at the Times Union and that certainly cannot help matters.

Rascals aside from being a steakhouse also is a live music venue which to be honest, I didn't even know they did shows there. Word being sent out to local band promoters from Crossgates Mall Management is to find a new venue for their booked date. So is Rascals temporarily closed? All fingers point to no. It seems as if their imminent future there is very, very bleak. At this moment they have been open for only seven months.

More detail from the Times Union is below.


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