We played the "Dating Game" on the Sean and Bethany Show earlier this week and in case you were wondering, here's how Nick's date went down.

The dating game was a bit of a different experience for me. Sean and Bethany decided to get me away from Tinder for a minute and meet a real person.

Sean and Bethany recruited three lovely ladies to come into the studio and play along.

Credit: Bethany Linderman

After a long game, Sam, Deb and Sara battled it out and Sara was victorious.

What did a Sara win? An awesome hangout with myself and... oh yeah, Brantley Gilbert and Tucker Beathard.

I think anyone would agree that Brantley Gilbert is a great wing man! Brantley loved the idea of the game and he loved being a part of the prize.

Ready to rock and we sure had some great seats.

And Sara thought we wouldn't have time for dinner. I treat my ladies like queens.