Have you ever been driving and a car with a flashing blue light comes up behind you?  Not a police car, but a single flashing blue light?  I have.  Now, I myself know that that indicates a volunteer fire fighter so I always pull over to let them go by me.  But, it's not the law to do so, and the car in front of me didn’t let him go.  I mean that person is going to a fire. What if that were your house?   Thankfully, this is not the case anymore.

Troy Police Cars
Lou Roberts

Governor Cuomo announced that he is amending the "Move Over" law to add volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers who are flashing either blue or green lights. These lights indicate volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.  The “Move Over” law that took effect in 2011, said that motorists who see a police officer, fire truck, ambulance, tow truck, construction, or maintenance vehicle on the side of the road,  have to move a lane over.

I am a huge fan of this law.  I thank the Governor for not only enforcing this law but amending it today.  We need to keep everyone safe.

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