If you have loved ones in a nursing home, it has been a long time since you have been able to visit them.

That will change in the very near future. According to a New York Upstate story, Governor Cuomo announced today a plan will be on the way Monday to allow visitors to return to nursing homes. The New York State Health Department will oversee the guidelines for visitation which will follow federal guidance. The Governor did reveal a few details of the plan, which would include a requirement for all visitors to take a COVID rapid test before entering a home.

It has been a busy couple of weeks as far as COVID restrictions getting pulled back in the state of New York. Recently the restaurant curfew was extended to 11 p.m., indoor arenas were freed up to start hosting some fans at events and Thursday Governor Cuomo announced that indoor family entertainment centers can reopen on March 26th followed by amusement parks on April 9th.

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While getting more access to some of our favorite pastimes is great, being able to see grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, and all of our loved ones in nursing homes is the best step forward of them all.  The distance the pandemic has put between New Yorkers and their loved ones has been the most difficult, but possibly the most necessary guideline we have had to follow over the last year to protect our beloved seniors. Let's hope everyone gets to make up for lost time without any setbacks in the coming months.

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