As we continue to see a spike in COVID-19 cases, there is some good news when it comes to cases of the flu this winter.

If you recall earlier this year, it was a concern among health officials that COVID-19 and the flu could both spike and hit peak seasons at the same time. While coronavirus cases seem to be breaking records every day, there is some good news on the flu front.

According to News 10, seasonal flu cases are only at "...a fraction of those reported by this time last year." For example, the report says last week there were 193 reported cases of the flu. In a typical week last year, that number would have been over a 9,000 cases. That is certainly a huge drop and good news for New Yorker's and the healthcare system, In the midst of the COVID spike, you could imagine a high prevalence fo the flu would not only strain the healthcare system as far as treatment but also just create more confusion among New Yorkers since both viruses have such similar symptoms.

The flu drop also could be a pretty good indicator too New Yorker's for the most part are playing it safe with social distancing and wearing masks. How else would you explain such a drop in flu cases? This same indicator too could also show that even with those precautions, COVID is so contagious that we need to be super vigilant at all times - our margin for error when protecting ourselves from it seems to be small.

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