Looking to plan a last-minute getaway for Thanksgiving? Three of the nation's best destinations for the holiday are right here in New York, including 2 Upstate!

Typically when you are planning a Thanksgiving celebration, you are either plotting a trip to a relative or a friend's home or maybe prepping to host a house full of guests. But let's be honest, while both scenarios are a great way to spend the holiday, they can also be stressful. How awesome would it be one year to just enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, without all the pressure? That's why the option of planning a turkey day vacation getaway to a great destination sounds so attractive!

Travel Experts Name Best Thanksgiving Vacation Spots In US


The travel gurus at Country Living have done the homework and research nationwide to find the top 35 destinations in the United States for a vacation getaway. What were their guidelines for determining the best of the best? They looked for locations that either offer a new experience or take visitors away from the 'hustle and bustle,' while offering great resort or cabin options where you can enjoy all the season has to offer. Of course, three New York destinations made the list!

Lake Placid


Landing at #4 on Country Liviing's Top 35 Thanksgiving destinations is one of Upstate's most beautiful spots any time of year - Lake Placid! Here is what Country Living had to say about Lake Placid:

Lake Placid isn't just picturesque, idyllic, and peaceful, it's also a lot of fun around the holidays. Fish, hike, bike, or camp in the area, or visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum (the Winter Olympics were held here in 1932 and 1980). While snow isn't a given, it is a possibility here this time of year, so pack your winter coat and gloves!

Imagine getting away to a quaint Lake Placid cabin to cook your Thanksgiving feast. You can smell that turkey cooking in the oven while you overlook the lake!

New York City

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The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City -  need I say more? New York City lands at #13 on Country Living's top 35 and points out you've watched the parade for years on TV, imagine seeing it in person! Not to mention, so many of the Christmas decorations are up as well! This would be the ultimate way to get in the holiday spirit! While the city has hustle and bustle, when every one is in a great holiday mood, the energy is intoxicating in New York City!

New Paltz

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New Paltz rounds out the New York towns on this list landing at #14. Country Living Living calls the 'Mohonk Mountain House Resort" in this Catskills/Hudson Valley town an  "East Coast treasure," the perfect spot for fall activities and a Thanksgiving feast! Any place that offers the last hints of fall foliage and the mountains is the perfect Turkey Day destination to celebrate the harvest.

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