Doesn't this make it feel like we are moving closer and closer to a world like the on in The Jetsons?

It still sounds far fetched: self-driving cars, right? Part of me feels we could never trust a self-driving car, but then part of me feels they will drive better than a lot of folks on the road today.

Either way, New York has slightly opened the door for self'driving cars to take the road in the future. According to Newsday, has a provision in the state budget bill tests, supervised by the Division of Motor Vehicles and State Police, that would allow road tests of self-driving vehicles. This provision would allow testing to happen for one year.

You have to imagine these tests would not only be well supervised, but done at times when risk is the lowest, at least until we could trust the technology right? It is hard to imagine a world where we are not driving ourselves around, but this seems to be the first step towards that happening. And it actually may be a good thing. Many are so distracted driving today, we will be better off. And hopefully when driving goes away, so does road rage right? It will be hard to get mad at a computer for cutting you off. ;)

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