By June next year we can expect to see a new home for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

This to me is a feel good story because it will allow them to house more animals and have a much nicer environment too. Tim O'Brien of the Times Union reported on this earlier this afternoon and was able to speak with the president and CEO Brad Shear who had this to say,

"It's going to be more comfortable for the animals. Each animal will have more space," said Brad Shear, president and CEO, at a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday. "Right now it's very difficult to keep animals healthy both medically and behaviorally."

In making the environment better for the animals it will also give them much more room as the building will be an improved 12,000 square feet larger. It will also allow more surgical space too which will allow the humane society to do more procedures as well. If you would like to find out more click on the link below to Tim O'Brien's article with the Times Union.

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