I personally am saddened I never got to experience Joe's Crab Shack. Now while this may be oysters it is still a seafood I have never tried.

The restaurant is all set to open up this Friday December 2nd. I am stoked, mainly because for me payday is tomorrow and by weeks end I get to try some seafood I have never had before. That is if this place doesn't get mobbed. The new oyster spot is named Plumb Oyster Bar. They are very vague with their teasing to people though, makes for an awesome surprise when you enter the establishment upon opening.

These are all some photos that were posted on the restaurants facebook some days and weeks ago. Not too much in the way of wow look at that but still not too shabby. For some reason I really like the hooks under the bar for your coats. I'm weird I know.

Hit up their Facebook page to find out more about them. Or the link below to the Times Union article about them.

On a side note, like I said I have never had oysters before. What are they like?

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