Saratoga Springs used to be a somewhat quiet city.

CIty Of Saratoga Springs Sign
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Summertime would be the busy time with the track, SPAC, Saratoga Spa State Park and some other attractions that would bring people to the area during the season. It seems that is now just a memory and the Spa city is a busy place all year round. It’s become so busy, there are more hotels being built.

In a story from WNYT, there are some of brand new hotels that are either being built or are just about ready to open for business. There’s a new Pavilion Grand Hotel luxury suites hotel on Lake Avenue that’s expected to open in May, and on Congress Street, an Embassy Suites will open near the end of the year. On Route 9 (South Broadway) , there’s a plan to construct a hotel on the site of the former Weathervane Restaurant. And that’s not all. There’s been an approval from the city to put in a hotel with about 150 rooms in the area of the old Rip Van Dam. One more place that’s been in the works for quite some time - Saratoga Casino And Raceway. They plan to build a 108 room hotel.

The operator of the Holiday Inn on Broadway is worried that “there may not be enough business to go around”. Dawn Oesch’s store, The Candy Company, which has been open for over 15 years on Washington Street, will be demolished to make way for a new hotel.

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