Albany County will soon have the ability to bring the coronavirus vaccine to residents.

We have mobile blood donation vehicles, so why not a vehicle that can bring the COVID vaccine to the people? According to the Daily Gazette, Albany County is teaming up with Mohawk Ambulance Service to have access to a "mobile vaccination unit." Mohawk is putting together a vehicle with the refrigeration and storage necessary to head out into the community to administer both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy told the Daily Gazette mobilizing a vaccination vehicle was in response to the community asking for the vaccine to be brought to them, similar to the mobile COVID testing sites. The Gazette says the county has a goal of 250,000 vaccinations with the mobile plan and the country will start taking vaccination appointments in the next few weeks.

Locally and nationally, getting the vaccinations administered in mass is a huge challenge. Convenience will be important to expedite vaccinations, especially when it comes to getting them to those who cannot leave the house. For those who have trouble getting out of the house, mobile vaccinations are a great idea.

You also have to imagine, ala mobile blood drives, the vaccination vehicle could be used for pop up vaccination locations to also make it more convenient for the general public to get a shot while out and about. High availability and ease of access will help us to mass immunity faster and maybe a return to life as we knew it 10 months ago.

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